About Us

Introducing FashNotch, where independence and passion collide to create something truly special. Our story starts with a brave founder who refused to settle for a mediocre life trapped in a corporate job. From a young age, she adored Western-style jewelry and dreamed of making a name for herself, despite coming from a middle-class background. She worked tirelessly, earning praise and awards, yet fair growth eluded her. Frustrated but determined, she took a leap of faith to stand up for herself and her family. 

FashNotch was born from her unwavering commitment to authenticity and fair growth. With each piece crafted, we celebrate the spirit of independence and empower our customers to embrace their own journey. Join us on this adventure, where every sparkle tells a story of resilience and determination..

We are a tiny little company based out of Hyderabad and at FashNotch, we believe that the world would be a better place if every individual felt beautiful and confident.

Our fashion jewelry brand has something for every girl to flaunt and be happy about !

~ Keep Loving! Keep Shopping! ~

FashNotch ♥

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